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Hey Mama!

We are loving our newest fussbox! As a mom to three little ones three and under, I can tell you that us mamas need some pampering every now and then. Being a mom is truly the most rewarding job, but it can also be extremely tiring! Whether you know an expectant mom is who is eagerly excited about their bundle of joy and needs to be celebrated or a new mom who is dealing with sleepless nights and needs a little fuss to lift her spirits, this Hey Mama! fussbox is the perfect gift. 

We selected our absolute favorite "mom essentials" for this fussbox. A tumbler to stay hydrated and caffeniated is a must of course. Hair ties for those crazy mornings when there is just no time to wash your hair.

And is there anything better than a soak in the tub after the kids have gone to bed? The "Go to Sleep Little Baby" lavendar bath balm is perfect for ultimate relaxation.

And gummy bears for that sweet tooth craving or midnight feeding snack. The perfect treat for any mama!

Send this Hey Mama! fussbox to your favorite mom, and I assure you she will thank you!

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